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Apr 6, 2010 4:00pm EDT
following that tragic mining explosion in west virginia that killed 25. 9 latest, next. ever want to look over the shoulder of a seasoned stock trader? well, here's your chance... i'm running strategy desk from td ameritrade to set up a trading strategy based on how i think the market's trending-- right now i'm looking at a 20-80 stochastic cross. now, i could be running multiple strategies... my own tweak or some combination-- but for now--this is good... this is strategy desk, advanced technology for traders from td ameritrade. it's designed specifically for traders. with strategy desk i can compare the 20-80 with other strategies and back-test them all. multiple strategies. multiple stocks. over time. and i can look at that at the symbol level or have it charted out for me more visually. and i'm not trading on emotion... a buy here...a sell here... there you go. i just hit a buy point and strategy desk fired off a trade. once you trade with it... you won't want to trade without it. td ameritrade. independence is the spirit that drives america's most successful investors. announcer: tra
Apr 22, 2010 4:00pm EDT
virginia this month. do you think that the hor ryon is -- horizon is going to be filled with new challenges? >> well, we are highly regulated industry, and we will continue to see additional regulations and standards as we improve, and we have a track record within peabody of improving our safety for five years in a row now, but we are always looking for better ways and methods to maintain a more safe environment, whether it is in the surface or the the underground operations not only here but in australia, and then as we begin to operations in some of the emerging or new markets for us such as china. >> i guess that the question is, given the tighter regulatory environment that may very well result in some of the actions and the rhetoric coming out of wkt, particularly in u.s., does that impact your margins or impact your expenses? >> sure. any time we have certain changes in the regulatory or the safety environment, it does add costs. that's not an issue for us. i mean, the issue that you want to provide the safest environment for our employees both underground and at the surface operatio
Apr 29, 2010 4:00pm EDT
in the big mining explosion in west virginia that killed five employees is now facing new shareholders lawsuits and both are not helping the cases for new energy sources. on monday, i spoke with oil and gas executive boone pickens about the prospects of clean energy. >> well, we have plenty of natural gas, and over 200-year-supply of natural gas and we are fools if we don't use the natural gas for heavy duty trucks. >> so, will the mining disaster and the oil rig explosion explore new clean energy industries? we have john kill dodolf, and m from the trust company. and now, the coal accident, and the refinely accident, and why could these two accidents have not happened at a worse time, john? >> well, it is a rough patch, maria, and to boone's point, shale gas does not come to us with clean hands either. there is a backlash to it because of the chemicals used to help fracture some of to shale rock to get the gas out. the environmentalists were put back on their back feet to a degree because of the high energy prices and the energy crisis and now they will come at us ferociously in stopp
Apr 30, 2010 4:00pm EDT
is eric smith, a teacher out in west virginia signing on the dotted line offering the seller over the asking price. he says he would have bought it without the tax credit, but it helped. >> it is going to allow me the extra money that i can use to make other investments in the home, itself, as far as improvement to it, and help me to get some furniture for downstairs and thing likes that. >> so, all of the big homebuilders have countdown clocks to push the final buyers off of the fence into contracts. lamar is keeping many of the offices open until 10:00 tonight and all you need is a $25 down payment to buy a home. ryeland homes is offering to double the tax break, and they are pushing hard, because they are not getting the bump last november when the tax credit originally expired. you can see the volume rising as the tax credit went into effect, and peaking in november and december and dropping off vociferously. we are not seeing the same volume as march, because so much demand pulled forward. the government stimulus in housing is going beyond the crash again. the tax credit may
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4